The New Path to Digital Business

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A few years ago, the CIGREF decided to launch an international research program in order “to better understand how the digital world is transforming our lives and our businesses”: the CIGREF Foundation leads the “Information System Dynamics” (ISD).

As we were celebrating our forty years anniversary last year, a group of CIOs considered the future of the CIGREF and its strategic agenda. What is business in the digital world? What is “digital business”? What is the strategic roadmap from IT strategy to the digital world?

The CIGREF has adopted a new mission: “promoting digital culture as a source of innovation and performance”.

This book invites all company executives to develop ambitious digital strategies! What are the key messages of this book?

Listen to Bruno Ménard, author of this book… 


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  1. Pascal Buffard dit :

    Innovative and digital media to promote digital culture as a source for innovation and performance.

    Very good illustration of CIGREF 2015 strategy.

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